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Montebaco Plot North Face

Montebaco Parcela Cara Norte is a red wine from organic farming, made entirely with Tempranillo grapes selected in the Ribera del Duero Denomination of Origin. It is a wine with great clarity of aromas and very defined estate notes: fresh black fruit and hints of blue fruit. Aged in barrels for 14 months.

In the setting of the Ribera del Duero, Montebaco Parcela Cara Norte is a wine that embodies the very essence of the terroir and the passion of its creators.

This wine is destined to captivate the senses of the most demanding palates. Its name, Parcela Cara Norte, evokes the image of the north-facing slopes of the vineyards, where the grapes find a perfect place.

The story of Montebaco Parcela Cara Norte begins in the vineyard, where the old Tempranillo vines, the emblematic variety of the region, cling to stony and clay soils in search of the nutrients and minerals that will give character and complexity to the wine.

The harvest in Montebaco Parcela Cara Norte is carried out by hand by expert hands who carefully select the grapes at their optimal point of ripeness. Each cluster is treated with the respect it deserves. This care is reflected in each bottle of Montebaco Parcela Cara Norte, where quality is the top priority.

In the winery, the winemaking process is a combination of tradition and cutting-edge technology. It is aged in carefully selected oak barrels, where it rests, developing complex layers of flavor and aroma, acquiring its distinctive personality and character.

Montebaco Parcela Cara Norte is the living testimony of Bodegas Montebaco’s commitment to quality, tradition and excellence, and an invitation to celebrate the beauty and diversity of the world of wine. In every sip, Montebaco Parcela Cara Norte tells a story of passion, dedication and love for the art of winemaking.


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