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Montebaco White Wheel

Montebaco Verdejo + Sauvignon is a white made with grapes of the Verdejo and Sauvignon variety selected in the Rueda Designation of Origin. The objective is to obtain a wine with the aromatic intensity and complexity of the Verdejo and Sauvignon variety: notes of tropical fruit, along with its herbaceous character. Corporeal, with an elegant bitter final touch.

Each bottle of Montebaco Rueda is a tribute to the freshness and elegance that characterizes the wines of this Denomination, and the emblematic varieties of this wine region. From the selection of grapes to the winemaking process, each stage reflects this winery’s commitment to excellence and passion for wine.

When you pour this wine, a bright, crystalline tone is revealed that captures the sunlight and anticipates the freshness that is to come. The aroma with delicate floral and herbaceous nuances creates a fragrance that invites you to immerse yourself in its freshness and vitality.

Beyond its exquisite flavor and pleasant freshness, Montebaco Rueda is the very embodiment of the spirit of this land of vineyards. Each bottle is a tribute to the rich history and winemaking tradition of the Rueda region, where the unique combination of climate and soil results in wines of exceptional quality.

This wine is the perfect companion for moments of relaxation and enjoyment and an invitation to explore and discover everything that the Rueda region has to offer. Each sip of Montebaco Rueda is a sensory journey that transports the drinker to the golden fields and endless vineyards that characterize this sun-blessed land.

Montebaco Rueda is a refreshing and revitalizing experience that celebrates the freshness and elegance of Verdejo and Sauvignon, and pays tribute to the rich wine heritage of the Rueda region. Each bottle is an invitation to immerse yourself in a world of flavors and sensations, where quality and tradition come together in perfect harmony to create a wine that delights the senses and feeds the soul.


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