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Semele is a newly created red wine. Made entirely with grapes from the Monte Alto estate. It shares the same viticultural philosophy with the rest of the wines in the winery, although seeking kindness, roundness, freshness, aromatic richness and varietal expression. It is aged in barrels for 12 months.

Bodegas Montebaco, located in the heart of the Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin, is an emblem of oenological excellence. Since its foundation, it has pursued the goal of making wines that reflect the essence of the terroir and the passion of its creators. And on this path towards perfection, Semele emerged as a true revelation.

The main grape in the creation of Semele is Tempranillo, known locally as Tinta del País. This variety, which finds its ideal habitat in the Ribera del Duero, gives the wine a unique personality, marked by the intensity of its aromas and the structure of its body. But beyond the variety, it is the care at each stage of the production process that really sets Semele apart.

From the careful selection of grapes in the vineyard to the meticulous work in the winery, each step is crucial to ensure quality and excellence. The harvest is done by hand, allowing selective harvesting that guarantees the integrity of the grapes. Once in the winery, fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, where temperature and other parameters are carefully controlled to preserve the aromas and freshness of the fruit.

But it is during upbringing where Semele reveals her true character. The wine rests in oak barrels, where it acquires complexity, softness and elegance. This aging period, which extends up to twelve months, allows the flavors to integrate harmoniously and the wine to develop its distinctive personality.

Semele is a wine that captures the essence of Ribera del Duero in every sip. It is the ideal companion for moments of celebration and reflection, to pair with the most refined gastronomy or to enjoy a special evening in privacy. On any occasion, Semele provides an unforgettable experience to those who have the privilege of trying it.

Each bottle of Semele is a testimony to the wine-growing legacy of the Ribera del Duero and an invitation to discover the magic hidden behind its labels.


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